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Tucker Auto-Mation Holdings USA, LLC was founded on January 13th, 2013 by Patrick Mercier, currently serving as President/CEO of the company. The vision of Tucker Auto-Mation group of companies is to control manufacturing with distribution in key geographical markets. Tucker Auto-Mation supplies all types of swinging, sliding, folding and revolving automatic doors, using its distribution sales channels for applications that include airports, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, office buildings etc.

Patrick Mercier is the founder and former CEO of B.E.A. Inc., a manufacturer of motion and presence sensors for automatic doors. He became Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000 in the High Technology field and BEA was ranked # 280 as one of the fastest growing companies in 1995 across ALL industries in the USA (905% over 5 years). His engineering skills, paired with his creative marketing strategies, allowed him to build a strong reputation in the automatic door industry around the world. B.E.A., Inc. sales in the USA far outpaced his European counterparts and he became CEO of the worldwide operations, instrumental in opening up the Tokyo and Beijing sales and manufacturing offices. Patrick, and his partners, sold the company in 2002, after developing the USA/Canada market for 15 years. He left in 2004 with a commanding market share. Today, B.E.A has become synonymous of top quality, most innovative technology to detect people and known for its total customer centric attitudes. B.E.A. products are now specified all across North America.

Armed with his knowledge of the market, the industry, the product, and most importantly, the people associated with the door business, Tucker Auto-Mation hired the best and most experienced team and is now challenging its competition by creating a brand new door paradigm! Counting people, providing security cameras and opening doors safely with the most state of the art technology puts the Tucker Auto-Mation door in the category of a "SMART" door.

Architects will receive positively the news of his forward thinking ideas to integrate security cameras, traffic counting into the same door that can be monitored from any remote location.

Tucker Auto-Mation is, by far, the most customer centric organization in the entire door industry, and the caliber of staff hired is a testimony of that philosophy. Customers, end users and distributors will, once again, be pampered as they should be.

If there is any architect, end user, or distributor that would want to meet Patrick Mercier regarding a problem, a question, or an issue,

please call him at 1-855-8-TUCKER or Email: pmercier@tuckerauto-mation.com



“ ALL for One, ONE for all!” Team spirit
“Can DO” attitude ! Positive behavior
Respect of self and others! Emotional intelligence
“Eye towards the future”! Vision
“Live the DREAM and have FUN doing it”! Passion



Patrick Mercier

Patrick Mercier

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Patrick is the founder and CEO of Tucker Auto-Mation. Being the former CEO of BEA, Patrick pioneered the door sensor business that is used today. Patrick took his same innovative spirit into the door manufacturing business and founder a company distinct from the competition. He became Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the High Technology Field in 2000 and was ranked #280 as one of the fastest growing companies in 1995 across all US industries. His engineering skills paired with his creative marketing strategies allowed him to build a strong reputation in the automatic door industry around the world. Today, armed with his knowledge of the market, the industry, the product and most importantly, the people associated with the door business, he proudly leads Tucker Auto-Mation’s legacy.

Email: pmercier@tuckerauto-mation.com


Joseph Desisto

Product Development Manager (PDM)

Joe one of the Tucker Auto-Mation Team original members, has been in the automatic door industry since 1989. Prior to his initiation into the industry, Joe served 8 years in the US Air Force as a Tactical Aircraft Specialist. After his Honorable Discharge, Joe honed his training and took his discipline full throttle to become one of the industry’s leaders and experts in technology, safety and security. He has held multiple leadership and management positions at leading competitors in the US and Canada, including BEA, Inc, Door Control Services, Inc, and Carolina Door Controls. He is an AAADM Certified inspector and trainer and has published articles in Doors & Hardware Magazine, Construction Specifier Magazine and Chain Store Magazine. Joe’s vision and expertise makes Tucker’s Technical Support and Product Development the best of the best!

Email: jdesisto@tuckerauto-mation.com