Tucker Auto-Mation Swinging Door Operators are state-of-the-art micro-processed controllers with electro-mechanical drives.

We offer both Low Energy and Full Energy doors with optional presence sensor.

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Installation is Simplified. The operator defaults are set at the factory. With self-learning and self-tuning, the operator can be installed and operational in minutes.

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Both the SW19 (Low Energy Swing Door) and SW10 (Full Energy Swing Door) can be configured for a surface mount (push or pull) application.

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Built-In Safety and Functionality

The industry’s quietest operator can be customized with silver, bronze, gold, marble or wood ‘skins’ to blend seamlessly with surroundings.


Installation is Simplified

In addition, the unique slim-line design offers non-handed (right or left handed opening) operation, full mechanical stops and numerous interface options for sensors, push plates, fire alarms and electric locks.


Single or Double

Safety is assured with meeting all ADA requirements and ANSI standards. In addition, the Tucker Advanced Programmer (TAP) is an option for accessing additional programming features.

Tucker Auto-Mation Swinging Door Operators

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