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Complete Service and Support – where and when you need it! Tucker Automation’s Service is unsurpassed in the industry with 24x7x365 full service for doors (all manufacturers) and dock needs from certified technicians.

Our goal is to service your location:

- In the quickest manner possible

- Any time of the day or night

- To the safest and most secure performance.

In addition, we offer a 100% all-inclusive 3-year warranted on Tucker Auto-Mation swinging and sliding systems and all Tucker Automation parts. We support all manufacturer’s doors; Automatic sliding, swinging, store-front aluminum, hollow metal, sectional industrial, rolling steel doors, overhead doors, dock levelers, rapid speed, fire doors, security grills, access entry sensors and more. We offer flexible and flat rate pricing for both parts and labor.



IP Camera Surveillances - We offer a variety of weather proof cameras, each with various mounting and viewing options including 360 degrees, night imaging and thermal detection. The integrated sensors detect video motion and send alerts via email, phone or network.

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IP Aceess Control - The first pure “IP” access control, eliminating the need for additional equipment and the software is free. It is adaptable to integrate with other existing systems and can control doors, cabinets, lockers, machinery, etc. Because of the adaptability and low power and network consumption, there is a lower cost of ownership compared with traditional systems.

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ARMORED GLASS LAMINATE SOLUTION: This laminate makes glass resistant to burglary, vandalism, hurricanes, bombs and firearms. The material, which can be retrofitted on existing glass, offers the best clarity in the industry while not compromising security.

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Tucker Air Curtain Aims the air from the blowers towards the back of the air curtain,where it fills a plenum and is then forced out evenly across the length of the air curtain. Other air curtain manufacturers aim the discharge of each blower down, resulting in dead spots wherever there are spaces between the blowers.

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Save Energy, Save Money, Save Lives with Tucker Auto-Mation.

When power is out and backup systems fail, you are left in the dark. The safety of your facility’s occupants depends on a well-planned egress (exit) plan and clear escape route markings. 

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Maximize ENERGY SAVINGS when scheduling door shut down while building is unoccupied. Tucker Auto-Mation & BOSS Controls Puts Money Back In Your Pocket!

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Tucker Auto-Mation Swinging Door Operators are state-of-the-art micro-processed controllers with electro-mechanical drives. We offer both Low Energy and Full Energy doors with optional presence sensor.

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Tucker Auto-Mation Sliding Door has re-engineered the sliding door to be better, smarter, greener and safer.

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Tucker Auto-Mation Elektra Slide - Interior Automatic Sliding Doors. Linear motors have proved to be the most efficient way to automate elements with horizontal movement, reducing traditional automation systems to a small compact unit, minimizing maintenance by having fewer mechanical components. 

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Tucker Auto-Mation Revolving Doors, in partnership with leading European revolving door manufacturer Edora, offers a complete line to automatic revolving doors, manual revolving doors and Grand revolving doors.

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Tucker Auto-Mation Sensors: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Tucker Auto-Mation’s motion sensor and presence sensor offers reliability, flexibility and, above industry standards in safety. Our sensors have been designed to be compliant with ANSI 156.10 and compatible with all brands of automatic doors.

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The Tucker Auto-Mation (TAM) Gazelle Series People Counter provides an accurate people counting solution with built-in Ethernet Connectivity. 

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