NO WHEELS NO TRACKS. Linear bearing motion. Belt drive. Single slide 2 panels or bi-part slide 4 panels.


  • Automatic sliding doors offer an elegant, spacious, convenient entrance. Tucker Auto-Mation doors are enhanced with; The inventive design of the I-beam header, made with ¼” aluminum, is extremely strong and can handle large doors without additional hardware. Unlike the competition, our door headers do not sag or bow and consequently our door panels do not bind. We have the only self-supporting header in the industry.
  • The unique, high-tech roller bearing technology eliminates fickle wheels and tracks system and replace them with a more durable roller bearing technology.
  • We have eliminated the need for tracks and rollers, which replaces cumbersome adjusting, and preserves the parts (wheels, door track) that normally, quickly wear out. We replaced it with precision ground, polished steel rod with a 1” diameter and roller bearing technology.
  • A full vertical length interlock between the active and fixed panel for added security and a double weather vinyl strip is applied to create an air-tight seal.
  • Heavier belts provide a much quieter opening and closing.
  • The header cover is hinged, so it does not have to be completely removed when being serviced. Just lift up to access the controller.
  • An electronic locking device is integrated with the motor.
  • The self-diagnostic microprocessor control is integrated away from all moving parts to eliminate the potential for ripped wire or fire hazards.
  • A full 2-year warranty is included on all Tucker Automation systems as well as a 24 x 7 nationwide service support.