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  • The Tucker Auto-Mation (TAM) Gazelle Series People Counter provides an accurate people counting solution with built-in Ethernet Connectivity. There are several versions of the Gazelle series that can be combined to suit your needs. All require VisiCount software and POE connections.
  • TAM Gazelle DualView People Counters include video detection along with thermal detection to offer absolute verification capability provided by a live, real-time video feed. This also allows the counter to be configured locally or remotely with a high degree of certainty and accuracy.
  • TAM Gazelle IP People Counters offer thermal detection without the video camera. These devices offer the same thermal counting accuracy and remote configuration without video.
  • TAM Gazelle IP Node People Counters can be used in conjunction with the Gazelle DualView or Gazelle IP master devices to provide wide-opening counting capability over an extended area.
  • TAM Gazelle Relay Output People Counters are typically used with a wireless transmitter to provide connectivity in cases where network cabling is not available.
  • Tucker Auto-Mation in partnership with TRAF-SYS