Tucker Auto-Mation brings years of integration and network design experience to the security market.  Our well-respected professionals combine experience in the education, law enforcement and IT industries to develop the most secure, modern products that are easily integrated with your existing network. Our products are flexible for many different uses and minimize equipment, network load and power consumption. We have the very best installers with extensive knowledge of data infrastructure, programming and integration configuration of other network systems.

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IP Camera Surveillances - We offer a variety of weather proof cameras, each with various mounting and viewing options including 360 degrees, night imaging and thermal detection. The integrated sensors detect video motion and send alerts via email, phone or network.

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IP Aceess Control - The first pure “IP” access control, eliminating the need for additional equipment and the software is free. It is adaptable to integrate with other existing systems and can control doors, cabinets, lockers, machinery, etc. Because of the adaptability and low power and network consumption, there is a lower cost of ownership compared with traditional systems.

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