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at home – New Automatic Sliding Door by Tucker Auto-Mation.

Tucker Auto-Mation has re-engineered the sliding door to be better, smarter, greener and safer.

​The unique, high-tech roller bearing technology eliminates fickle wheel and track systems and replaces them with a more durable roller bearing technology.

The overall design provides a stronger, longer-lasting door that drastically reduces the total cost of ownership.

A unique, full-length Interlock design forms a tight security lock from the top to the bottom of the door. The attached double weather strip provides a seal so that no air escapes.

We have the leanest manufacturing lead time in the industry – with a 2-3 week delivery schedule.

A full 3-year warranty is included on all Tucker Automation sliding door systems as well as 24×7 nationwide service support.

at home – New Sliding Door – Inside View.

at home